5 trends from London Design Festival 2015


A guest edit by Studio Ashby.

It's a pleasure to welcome interior designer Sophie Ashby of Studio Ashby to Design Hunter today to share a special London Design Festival guest edit.

I first came across Sophie's work a couple of years ago. Her wonderful eye for picking out beautiful handcrafted pieces, antiques, original works of art and carefully chosen mid-century designs gives her work an eclectic richness I particularly admire.

In this guest post for Design Hunter she looks at some of the trends that were in evidence at London Design Festival this year and highlights the designs that caught her eye.


Serif TV

Serif TV by Bouroullec Brothers for Samsung | Design Hunter

Last week I was invited along to the beautiful neo classical River Rooms at Somerset House for the launch of Serif TV. The culmination of a 2 year collaboration between the Bouroullec Brothers and Samsung, Serif breaks away from the preoccupation with ultra flat screens and instead offers a design that is intended to sit more naturally within the home. The choice of both the location and the timing of the launch - during London Design Festival rather than at an electronics show - only served to reinforce the impression that this is a television that belongs not to the world of technology but to the world of furniture and design.


A good night's sleep

White sheets

Sleep is where we rest from the stresses and strains of living, from our daily journey through life. That we spend around a third of our lives in bed is a frequently cited statistic, but how much do we really know about our sleep? Are you someone who regularly sleeps soundly for 8 hours a night or do you frequently wake up still feeling tired? Do you know how well you slept last night? Have you ever considered whether or not it might be possible to improve the quality of your sleep?


4 key bathroom trends for 2015

Ovoid bath

I use the word 'trend' a little hesitantly because it's a term that tends to suggest something that might have only transient or fleeting appeal, and yet for most of us a bathroom is something we live with for a considerable length of time and not something we change from year to year.

To mark the redevelopment of their flagship showroom in Waterloo I've teamed up with C.P. Hartto highlight four of the key looks that feature in the new collection they'll be unveiling this autumn.

All of them are timeless styles that will endure for years to come but also feel very fresh and contemporary right now.