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Creating a home with soul

I came across this apartment on the Swedish website Stadshem recently and, after pausing to admire its easy going mix of mid-century modern and industrial elements, I realised that there was something about this space I was really connecting with.

Sometimes the homes featured in interiors magazines and on blogs can seem a little too pristine and perfect. It's easy to be left with the impression that the owner has just thrown a heap of money at creating their desired look in one fell swoop. The results may be admired from a design persepctive, but homes created in this way often feel lacking in something. You can't 'buy' a home with soul - it has to be created over a period of time.

And that's what I really like about this apartment - it feels like a home that has evolved. Here a vintage leather sofa - a prized ebay find? There an old coffee table - perhaps picked up at a local junk shop or handed down from a relative? On the walls artwork and photographs - most likely with some personal meaning to the owner? Or at least that's what I imagine from looking at these images.

Will from Bright Bazaar wrote a movingly heartfelt post today touching upon how, behind the perfect styling we see in photoshoots, home is first and foremost the place where we relax and spend time with our loved ones. It's also a space into which we invite our friends, and looking at the pictures of this home I see a comfortable, relaxed inviting space where I'd love to hang out with my closest friends over a bottle of wine (or maybe a late night whisky), listening to old vinyl, sharing happy memories.... and creating new ones.

Images via Stadshem


Cos x Nendo

Following on from their installation in Milan last week, Cos have launched an online concept store in collaboration with Japanese designer Oki Sato of Nendo.

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Spring Clean - 10 laundry room essentials

The arrival of spring has prompted me to clear out my laundry room and attempt to embrace the art of organisation, so for Design Hunter's ideabook on Houzz this months I've picked out some laundry room essentials to add a more style conscious spin to this often neglected area of the home.

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Bathing rituals

The bathroom is a place for ritual and transformation, and sometimes also a space that allows us time out for moments of reflection and calm.

With the aim of representing the idea of transformation within a series of objects, Stockholm based John Astbury and Kyuhyung Cho have created Fade - a collection of quietly beautiful bathroom vessels and furniture in graduated tones of soft, blue grey.

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Sideboard Styling

One of the most treasured pieces of furniture I own is a 1960s rosewood sideboard that I picked up for just a few pounds at a local junk shop. Nothing makes a statement in your living room quite like a perfectly styled sideboard. Designs from the 50s and 60s came in beautiful woods ranging from rosewood and teak to maple and cherry, and were intended to be used for storing 'best' china and tableware. Often they came with drawers for cutlery and table linen. The one I own admittedly contains a more eclectic assortment of stuff, as I'm guilty of using it to quickly tidy clutter away out of sight whenever I'm expecting visitors.

They also offer up a useful surface on which to group together and display books, artwork, vases, lamps and other objects. I can't claim that mine is anywhere near as artfully arranged as these beauties... but I'm working on it.

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Modern Classic | The Eva lounge chair

Originally designed by the Swedish modernist designer Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist for NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) in 1956, the Eva lounge chair was relaunched by Gubi earlier this year.

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Jaguar launches design competition for Clerkenwell

Jaguar, the headline sponsor of Clerkenwell Design Week for the past three years, have launched a competition to find an unsung or up-and-coming British designer to create a concept idea for a wrap which will cover the new F-TYPE Coupé to be exhibited at this year's Clerkenwell festival.

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Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, Madeira

This year we had a lively debate about where to go for some winter sun. I wanted to go to Mexico but my partner was set on Madeira. In the end, price and practicality won out and we went for Madeira on the condition that he accepted full responsibility should it not live up to my expectations. My reservations were grounded in Madeira’s reputation as a destination for pensioners and fortified wine. His counter argument uncovered an island with beautiful gardens and dramatic architecture.

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