The Patera pendant light from Louis Poulsen
Patera pendant light | Louis Poulsen

Lighting, especially during the dark winter nights, is often a key element that can 'make or break' a room. The best designs match functionality with ambience, to create comfortable living spaces you feel truly at home in.

The new Patera pendant light by Øivind Slaatto is just such a light. Designed to serve as a modern chandelier that both unifies the space and creates an emotional connection with us, it is the latest offering from Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen, producer of such classic designs as Poul Henningsen's Artichoke light and Arne Jacobsen's AJ table lamp.

Taking nature as its inspiration, the design is based on the Fibonacci sequence - think of the cross section of a spiral shell, or the seed formation of a pine cone. 


Helen PowellComment