Dulux Amazing Space
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Christmas seems to be creeping ever closer. Over the weekend we spent some time freshening up our home, repainting the hallway and contemplating a few new accessories to pull everything together for the winter. There are a few spaces that feel a little uninspiring and I've been looking for ways to improve them on a fairly modest budget, without undertaking anything too major.

Last week I was invited to have a design consultation with Dulux ahead of the launch of their new online interior design service Amazing Space, which aims to provide homeowners with a range of inspirational ideas to enable them to transform their homes in an affordable and stress-free way. In all honesty, my initial reaction was to be a little unsure about how useful I'd find it (I already spend a lot of time looking at interiors after all), and more importantly, whether or not I'd actually like the ideas the designers proposed, but I was also intrigued to discover how the Dulux experts would approach our living space, and what someone casting a professional pair of eyes over our home would recommend. So to test out the service I booked three half hour sessions to look at three different spaces in our home - the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom.


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