Christmas at ours

Although we have big family gatherings planned for the days just before and after Christmas, I love spending Christmas in my own home. Sometimes we have friends or family over for Christmas dinner but this year Christmas Day will be fairly quiet for us as it will just be my husband and myself. The turkey will be modestly sized and won't need to go in the oven for hours and hours, so I'm looking forward to dressing Albert whippet up in a suitably humiliating Santa outfit and heading out in the morning for our favourite walk across the fields and along the river before we return home to start cooking. There will be no sparing on the trimmings - braised red cabbage, sweet potato mash, roast potatoes and parsnips and of course, homemade bread and cranberry sauces, all of which will be accompanied by a bottle of Nyetimber and served up after the Queen's speech, which I always watch.

Today I'm sharing my festive table setting, styled with a little help from John Lewis.


Helen PowellComment