Club des Chefs Canapés | Lime Meringue with Mojito Mint Geleé
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I'll preface this post by saying that I'm not normally in the habit of making canapés, but I surpassed myself with these. When Samsung invited me to make one of their Club des Chefs recipes by leading New York based chef Daniel Boulud, in all honesty my initial reaction was that I might be attempting to punch above my weight. While I'm an averagely competent home cook I usually shy away from anything too fiddly. Knocking up a plate of dessert canapés to the recipe of a renowned 3-Michelin-starred chef certainly isn't an average Saturday afternoon activity for me. I do however like a cocktail... or two, and I figured that even if they turned out horribly wrong, it would at least be a good excuse to indulge in a couple of Mojitos.


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