5 minutes with... Sophie Ashby
Plimsoll Building Apartments by Studio Ashby | Design Hunter
5 minutes with Sophie Ashby | Design Hunter

I'm always intrigued to quiz designers about the inspirations behind their work, but I really can't argue with the design heroes chosen by Sophie Ashby in today's '5 minutes with...' interview, which is perhaps unsurprising as Sophie is a designer I've previously featured on Design Hunter and whose work I really admire..

Having established her Notting Hill studio a year ago, just down the road from her Portobello home, she is already being recognised for her distinctive aesthetic. Drawing on her love of antiques, colour, contemporary 'world art', modernist furniture and her latest discoveries Sophie delivers an eclectic richness to the interiors she creates. Her South African heritage also comes into play, giving her projects a subtle ethnic edge.


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