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Black leather lounge chair | Design Hunter

Whenever I'm asked to describe our home I always describe it as a continuously evolving project. I'm not sure it will ever be 'finished' as there is always something I want to add, remove or upgrade as my taste and style evolves.

I've been wanting to update our living room with a new lounge chair for some time, but the downside with many statement lounge chairs is that they are designed to work best in a vast sparsely furnished modernist space, not in the smaller Victorian or Edwardian properties that many of us in the UK live in. Our home dates from the 60s but it is modestly sized and I wanted to choose a chair that would have space to breathe.

I really love the elegant proportions of this black leather lounge chair from Camerich. Several of their designs caught my eye but from a shortlist which also included the Arc and the Flora low back lounge chair it was this one that I finally settled on.


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