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Blackberry cake | Design Hunter

Today I’m very happy to be able to share news of an exciting new partnership I’m embarking upon. Design Hunter is teaming up with Samsung Home Appliances and over the next few months I will be working with them as a brand ambassador.

My core philosophy here on Design Hunter has always been about living with less but buying better. I always choose the best design I can afford because I truly believe that a living environment in which we are surrounded by thoughtfully designed objects can enhance our daily lives.

Home appliances are an integral part of this. Technology now underpins most aspects of our busy, modern lives and nowhere are we more dependent on it than in the kitchen, where we rely upon it for everything from making a simple cup of tea, to the storing and preparation of food, and then for cleaning up afterwards. It has become so seamlessly integrated into our lives that we often forget how reliant on it we actually are.


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