Version Originale by Compagnie de Provence
Version Originale by Compagnie de Provence | Styling & photography by Design Hunter

Although we've had an incredibly mild winter this year the temperatures have dipped a little lately and the colder weather always takes its toll on my skin. I've been testing out some new hand and body balms from the Version Originale range by Compagnie de Provence. The fragrances are so lovely that I've become slightly obsessed with applying the hand balm just so that I can inhale a delicate waft of it while I'm sat at my desk! Enriched with organic olive oil it's nourishing and non greasy and there are three captivating fragrances to choose from - Black Jasmine, Incense Lavender and Anise Patchouli, which combines the sensuality of Patchouli with the fresher notes of Anise and is the one I seem to have developed something of an addiction to. The range also includes soaps and 100% vegetable wax scented candles.


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