Working from home | A checklist for a modern minimal office
Desk top with Jake Dyson CSYS task lamp

After a fresh coat of paint and an epic Kon Mari session my office makeover is finally almost complete. I'm still in search of the perfect pendant light and am also on the hunt for some new artwork for the walls, but here's how things are looking so far.

I'd started to feel overwhelmed with 'stuff' in my home office. Over the years my design tastes have changed and a large collection of mid-century glass and ceramics I no longer wanted was taking up much of the shelf space. These pieces went off to my local auction house to be sold. I also got rid of stacks of old interior magazines and put some of the books I couldn't quite bear to part with into storage. 

There's nothing like a good de-cluttering session to focus your mind on what you really need on a day to day basis, so I set about compiling a list of the things I really wanted in my updated, and much more minimal, new office space - things that would make working from home both easier and more pleasant.

Here's what I came up with:


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