A pampering spa break at Pennyhill Park with Tempur

Sleep and wellness are inextricably linked. For me, ensuring that I get a good night's sleep is as important as making sure that I eat well and exercise regularly. While controlling environmental factors like temperature, light and noise levels can help, I've found that making little adjustments to my bedtime routine also makes a difference - having a relaxing bath or banishing tech from the bedroom and instead settling down with a good book, for example. Ultimately however it's often what we sleep on that has most impact on the quality of our sleep, so when Tempur got in touch and invited Mr P and I to enjoy a night away at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa so that we could indulge in a little pampering whilst also discovering what it's like to sleep on one of their incredibly comfortable mattresses we jumped at the chance.

Helen PowellComment