Cityscapes by Chisel & Mouse
Paris Cityscape by Chisel and Mouse | Design Hunter

There's always something fascinating about a bird's eye view of a city. I think it's the potential to lose yourself in the detail as you identify and remember places you've previously visited or wonder about new destinations that have yet to be explored and what they might reveal.

Maps and aerial photographs offer representations of past, present and future adventures, and their ability to transport us to another world offers a delightful form of escapism. While Google Earth allows us to research destinations before we've even arrived at them there's something reassuring about having a tactile representation of a place literally in your hands, rather than just a transient illuminated image on a screen.

New from Chisel & Mouse, who you may already know from their architectural models, is a series of finely cast plaster cityscapes, including New York, London, Rome and Amsterdam amongst others.


Helen PowellComment