3 essential items for a bloggers toolkit
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Before I became a blogger I certainly wouldn't have described myself as a tech geek. When I first began this blog back in 2009 you needed little more than a laptop and a camera to start a blog. But times have changed and while a laptop and a camera, along with a smartphone, remain the basic tools of the trade, most successful bloggers now make use of a whole range of tech and photographic accessories. Comparing yourself to others is never a good idea, but it's hard not to feel overwhelmed at times by the incredibly professional images some bloggers now produce. There's a relentless expectation to stay connected and produce engaging content and high quality images for your blog, and an ever increasing number of social channels, on an almost daily basis, all of which takes time, skill and equipment... and sometimes the patient support of an understanding Instagram husband too.

Over the past year, I've invested in a new camera and made the shift to shooting on manual instead of auto. I also regularly use a tripod, reflector, and remote control and have recently added a number of other essential tech items to my blogging toolkit.

Here are 3 of them:


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