Long before I became a florist I was already well and truly addicted to collecting vintage vases.  I probably have a collection of a hundred or so different ones at home... don't ask where I keep them all!  Some of them are ebay purchases, others like these were picked up for virtually nothing during treasure hunts around car boot sales and charity shops.  I think the two on the right in the top picture cost 50p each while the larger two on the left were no more than a couple of pounds.  The one on the far right is one of my favourite finds as it's actually quite a collectable Hornsea piece called 'Aphrodite' designed by John Clappison.

The lovely antique pink roses are 'Hypnose' and were left over from the bridal bouquet in my last post.

What are your favourite junk shop finds?

Photos: Lilac & Lily