Pretty as a peach

We hate to say it, but it seems that summer is all but over and here at Lilac and Lily our thoughts are turning to autumn flowers and new colour palettes.

Orange is the colour most strongly associated with autumn wedding flowers but if a rich, vibrant russet and berry colour scheme isn't quite what you've got in mind you could always consider... dare I say it... peach?  We had been hearing rumours of a peach revival here at Lilac and Lily for some time but when the lovely ladies over at Rock My wedding launched their "Peaches and Cream week" we knew that this was one trend we could no longer ignore.

If the mention of peach fills you with thoughts of frilly meringues and enormous 80s style shower bouquets, think again.  Peach 2010 style is just a little bit more understated and well... just very pretty. 


We heart Avalanche roses.

All images: The Flower Council of Holland