Guerilla floristry

This time of year is tough on us dog owners.  Daily winter walks can be a cold and cheerless business.  I struggle with the short grey daylight hours in the depths of January when there's not so much as a snowdrop or a crocus to brighten up the day, so I decided to use up a few roses left over from the weekend to create something that would add a bit of colour to our local woods.  I made the willow ball for another project a while back and had been looking for an opportunity to reuse it so I made a carmen rose to nestle inside it and added a trail of rolled petals.

If I'm being pedantic, and I am pedantic when it comes to my own work, I'd probably say that the line of placements isn't quite right.  If I made it again I'd add another rose, but I didn't have one, so just used up what was leftover (4 blown Grand Prix roses).

Anyway, it was fun to make and received a few smiles from dog walkers and other passers by in the woods.

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