Time for a change...

Today marks a big change for this blog. I started Lilac & Lily back in October 2009 as a place to record some of my personal work and design inspirations for the work I was doing at the time as a freelance floral designer. Over the past couple of years my work and the focus of this blog has changed quite a lot but something that hasn't changed is my love of good design.

I am continually searching for home and lifestyle inspiration and love sharing my finds here on this blog. Recently though, I've begun to feel that the title of the blog no longer accurately represents what I write about here. And whilst I've grown attached to the name that I've lovingly nurtured on this little blog for the past couple of years I've begun to feel that it is now holding me back and preventing me from fully taking the blog in the direction I want it to develop in. So after a lot of soul searching I've decided to rename this blog to more accurately reflect both what it is about and my own personal passion for hunting down both authentic and enduring modern design and timeless vintage pieces. Welcome to Design Hunter!

I hope that you'll continue along with me on my journey to seek out home and lifestyle inspiration focused around the idea of developing a personal sense of style. For me, that means honest, intelligent design that utilises natural materials wherever possible. It means buying less but buying better and it means knowing who you are and following good design rather than fashion. Above all though it means being authentic.