Digital Craft

Last week I popped along to a talk by publisher and curator Max Fraser to mark the opening of the Crafts Council's touring exhibition 'Lab Craft' at The Pump Rooms Gallery in Leamington.

The exhibition showcases some of the ways in which digital technologies are providing liberating opportunities and outcomes for craft practitioners. It includes jewellery and silverware created using rapid prototyping, which allows the designer to digitally sculpt forms that it would otherwise be impossible to create, as well as examples of digital printing such as this chair upholstered in 'White Moth All Over' by Timorous Beasties.

One of Fraser's aims in curating the exhibition was to show how digital and handmade elements can successfully coexist and how the craftsperson can as he puts it add "aesthetic and textural complexity to soften a digital aesthetic which is sometimes deemed too 'perfect'."

It's a great show. I really recommend trying to get along to see it if you have the chance.

Images: Lilac & Lily.