Loungewear - my guilty pleasure

As the autumn nights draw in I am more and more finding myself drawn to what I believe is known as "loungewear". Working from home doesn't help as there is always the temptation to opt for comfort and practicality over style - "can I walk the dog in it?" is always one of my main considerations when deciding what to wear in the morning (but that's a post for another day).

I have a pair of grey jersey H&M harem pants in my wardrobe which Mr P has somewhat unkindly labelled my "Jeremy Kyle pants". OK, so I admit that they perhaps aren't the most stylish item of clothing I own but I think the reference is a little harsh.

I'm digressing.... the point is I'm pretty sure Mr P wouldn't approve of this cashmere jumpsuit from Crumpet iconeither, but I think it would be perfect for snuggling into after a sausage casserole supper.

Do you have any guilty pleasures in your wardrobe?