Sunday edition

Graham and I have been busy again this week installing our collections exhibition which opens tomorrow at the School of Jewellery, a lovely award winning old building in the heart of Birmingham's historic jewellery quarter. This beautiful collection of old brushes is one of my favourite exhibits in the show. Many of them are old jewellery workshop brushes and they belong to jewellery designer Jo Pond. Jo resourcefully trims the ends off them to create shorter "new" brushes, leaving only the bristles which still have some life in them. "The bits that I cut off form the basis for my collection - they are quite beautiful, I couldn't banish them to the bin!" she told us.

Jo has incorporated some of the brushes from her collection into her award winning narrative jewellery designs which you can see on her website. You can also view more of her brush collection on Obsessionistas. I adore Jo's work and was so inspired by her brushes that I have now started my own collection!

To round off the weekend here are a few links I loved this week:

- Mini wreath green Christmas card project via Frolic;

- A modern take on traditional delftware designs;

- Put together a glamorous 70s inspired winter look with this texture tutorial icon from Reiss.


Images: Jo Pond's brush collection & narrative jewellery designs. Photography by Helen Powell.