The verdict

Things are getting back to normal today after my Easter blogging break.

So... there was a wedding last Friday in case you didn't notice.

We had planned a small afternoon tea party with a couple of friends at our house.  A couple of hours before the event this somehow turned into a full on impromptu street party and Mr P was despatched to Tescos for some emergency shopping.  Out came the best vintage lace tablecloths and cake stands.  Pimms was served with cucumber sandwiches and fairy cakes.  There was also bunting.... lots of bunting.

The women all agreed that the bride's dress was faultless.

The men could repeatedly be heard discussing the various merits, assets and general hotness of the younger Ms Middleton.

And my verdict on the flowers?  I think they were pretty appropriate all thing considered... and I loved Kate's bouquet.  So, seasonal and locally grown it is for 2011 then.  Admittedly this look might not be quite as easy to pull off if you don't have a large country pile in Gloucestershire to plunder.