Postcard from.... Bryn Eglur

I write about a lot of things I love here on Lilac and Lily, but today's post is about a place that is particularly special to me. Do you remember how a while back I mentioned that we were going to be spending our summer holiday here?

Bryn Eglur really captured my heart.  It is one of those rare places that feels completely honest and authentic, a place totally free of noise and haste. We felt privileged to stay there.  The sheer passon, vision and dedication with which it has been restored by Dorian the owner is evident everywhere you look.

Dorian's attention to detail is unremitting and his warm welcome and enthusiasm for sharing the wonderful place he has created made our stay extra special.

We are already planning our next visit.

Bryn Eglur is available to rent through Under the Thatch.

Images: Lilac & Lily