Trendwatch: Windsor Chairs


One of the interiors trends I particularly like at the moment is the popularity of Windsor or stick back chairs. They are a great example of the good quality, honest, emotional design that is becoming more prevalent as we increasingly reject conspicuous and throwaway consumption. Whilst the designs are quite traditional, their purity and simplicity means that they work equally well in modern and minimal interiors.

One of my favourite designers, Ilse Crawford is a fan of them. I've blogged previously about her interiors at The Olde Bell at Hurley and The Crown Inn at Amersham but she also used them in her design for the restaurant at The Grand Hotel in Stockholm.


Vintage Ercol chairs are hot buys on ebay these days and earlier this year the Matthew Hilton range for De la Espada made by Ercol was launched at the Milan furniture fair.

Although the Windsor chair is credited as the inspiration for Matthew Hilton range it's not difficult to see how his designs are also influenced by more primitive stick back chairs, like those in the collection of Dorian Bowen (below). You can read the interview I did with Dorian about his collection of traditional Welsh furniture over on Obsessionistas....

...and here are a couple more of my favourite reinterpretations of this traditional design.




Images: 1. Ercol; 2. Restaurant at The Grand Hotel, Stockholm by Ilse Crawford; 3. The Old Belle at Hurley by Ilse Crawford; 4. Daybed by West Elm; 5. & 6. photographed by me for Obsessioistas with the kind permission of Dorian Bowen; 7. Patricia Urquiola for Kartell; 8. Foley & Cox.