New home range from Urban Outfitters

Urban-Outfitters-home-rangeUrban Outfitters have a new home range out. It pretty much embraces three of the main trends around at the moment. The first of these is what used to be referred to as 'ethnic' style. I'm sure it has a more hip label involving words like 'global' and 'aesthetic' these days but I have yet to figure out what it is. Secondly, there's the natural history /cabinets of curiosity inspired look (bell jars, butterflies and anatomical posters), and finally, it seems that our love affair with vintage china is still undiminished. Their regency style tea cups, whilst not really my thing, are undeniably pretty.

The collection is big on the kind of indian cotton throws that I used to hang on my wall and drape over my bed back in my university and backpacking days. This is one trend that I personally would rather leave firmly in my student past, but they do have lots of fun and reasonably priced accessories that I would happily take home, like these pretty rugs and a fun rubber bath mat imprinted with the pattern of a New York City drain.

Images: Urban Outfitters