Happy New Year

Happy 2012! I hope you all had a happy and relaxing Christmas break. I'm back from a digital detox in Wales where we spent Christmas cosied up at Bryn Eglur. We enjoyed our summer break there so much that we couldn't think of anywhere that we'd rather spend Christmas. The enforced break from 21st century technology was just what we needed.

I spent the week foraging for holly and pine cones to make door wreaths and table decorations and sitting by the fire wearing my new Donna Wilson socks with nothing more challenging than reading a book or knitting to worry about.

Ty Unnos (The One Night House) - next to Bryn Eglur.

Staying at Bryn Eglur really is like stepping back in time to the 19th century and imagining how our ancestors might have lived... but with the comforts of a well equipped kitchen, an aga, an elegant bathroom and underfloor heating!

January is going to be such an incredibly busy month for me. Since we got back from Wales we've been working  hard at trying to complete all those annoying little unfinished jobs around the house as we have a magazine coming to do a photoshoot later this week... eek! I'm also working flat out on a project that Graham and I are curating at Interiors UK later this month. We'll be revealing more about this later in the week.

So there is lots happening in 2012 already, which I'm kind of glad about as January is such a dark, dreary month.

I wish you all every happiness in 2012 and hope your year is filled with peace, laughter and good times.