Hand made home

One of my Christmas reads whilst we were staying at Bryn Eglur was Handmade Home by Mark and Sally Bailey which was lent to me by Dorian the owner. Both Bryn Eglur and another of Dorian's cottages, Bryncyn, feature in the book by Mark and Sally Bailey who run their homestore Baileys from an old converted farm in Herefordshire. Their store and the website are well worth checking out if you haven't come across them before.

With fabulous images by Debbi Treloar, 'Handmade Home' celebrates the handmade in "all its irregular, unique beauty". Essentially it's about incorporating art and craft into your home, mixing up textures and rescuing discarded industrial objects and giving them a new life in an interiors context. It's full of inspiration for creating well considered displays of your favourite treasures, to allow them to be appreciated and enjoyed whilst simultaneously adding personality and individuality to your home.

Handmade Home: Living with art and craft by Mark & Sally Bailey.