A ceramic menagerie inspired by old Avon perfume bottles

If your memory stretches back as far as the 1970s and, more specifically, to the Avon catalogues of that era, then you may just detect something vaguely familiar about this curious collection of little animal figures by Joanna Mires. I spotted and admired them at Design Junction a few weeks ago and was intrigued to discover that they are inspired by a series of vintage Avon perfume bottles.

Joanna first discovered the bottles at a car boot sale and began collecting them. She uses them to slip cast pure white ceramics that are, unlike the original perfume bottles, devoid of colour and function. By removing colour, transparency and function only the shape of the original object remains. The pieces are then used to create site specific installations that explore ideas around sentiment and nostalgia as well as creating collections for the viewer to explore. Her latest installation is a solo show at the Nancy Victor gallery in London which runs until 19 October.


The Avon Series by Joanna Mires, Nancy Victor Gallery, 5-26 October 2012.


Images: Damian Griffiths