How to get the boutique hotel look at home

Mayfair storage bed

Every time I'm lucky enough to stay at a lovely hotel I always come home full of intentions to make my bedroom a little more luxurious and, especially as the nights draw in, to turn it into somewhere that feels like a serene and indulgent place of sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day.

You might remember me writing about my stay at The Ampersand Hotel last month and that wonderful bed. We are looking for a new bed at the moment and although I love the luxurious buttoned headboard we had in our room at The Ampersand I didn't think we would be able to find anything like it within our price range - similar ones I've found usually come in at well over £1000. Then an email dropped into my inbox last week asking if I'd be interested in taking a look at some storage beds and I found this lovely Mayfair bed. It's priced at a much more affordable £549 and comes with lots of built in storage too (something we definitely need).

A big buttoned headboard like this acts as a focal point, anchoring the room's design scheme and creating instant impact. Here are some more ways to give your bedroom a boutique hotel feel:


One of the main things that makes a great hotel room so relaxing is the absence of clutter, so make sure you have enough storage space to tidy things away easily and keep surfaces tidy and minimal, leaving just a few well chosen and loved objects on display.


I'm not always a fan of over co-ordinating - I like to keep things eclectic, but co-ordinating textiles, wallpaper and accent details are often a key feature of boutique hotel rooms.

Use lighting to create different effects

Table lamps, ceiling pendants and floor lamps all serve different functions but can also be used to create different moods. Incorporate lighting that is designed to work effectively for specific tasks, for example a good reading lamp at the side of the bed, but also think about how you can use lighting to soothe and calm or add warmth.

Create symmetry

Matching bedside tables and lamps create a sense of balance and harmony.

Layer up

Plump up with pillows and cushions and pile on a blanket or throw to make the bed both comfortable and welcoming. Buy the best bed linen you can afford - there's nothing like the feeling of slipping into clean, fresh, crisp white cotton sheets.

Add different textures

Incorporate different colours and textures to create a luxurious feel - a velvet quilt, a silk cushion or a woollen throw.

Introduce Fragrance

Choose scented candles that reflect the seasons - warm scents of wood, spice or seasonal berries for the colder months and fresh, lighter scents for spring and summer.

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