The perfect place for all your bright ideas

I've confessed previously to being a hopeless notebook geek. As I spend an increasing amount of time online and find myself using good old fashioned pen and paper less and less, the experience of opening a crisp clean new notebook and jotting down my thoughts and ideas has become an indulgent and eagerly anticipated experience, one that I perform with all the care and attention that might be associated with a sacred ritual.

A new notebook is a clean slate, free from the intrusions and distractions of the online world. It demands an interlude from my usual routine, requiring me to sit in quiet reflection for a while - taking stock of things, hatching plans, creating lists and developing and recording ideas.

So it can't be just any old notebook...

This one is by Smythsons. It's sumptuously bound in orange leather and is available exclusively from the Christmas Room at

... making it the perfect place for all your bright ideas.