Objects by Maison Martin Margiela at Quill London

As avant garde fashion label Maison Martin Margiela prepares to launch its collection for H&M later this month, last week it was reported that several of the pieces have already been listed for sale on ebay, despite the fact that the collection doesn't officially launch in stores until November 15.

Vogue recently previewed the collection here. I really like some of the pieces, but I do find the record speed sell-outs and subsequent ebay mark ups that all the hype surrounding such collaborations inevitably creates a bit depressing. It's a bit like trying to buy tickets for Glastonbury - you know that the touts will have snapped them all up for reckless profiteering before genuine fans even have the opportunity to get so much as a look in. But that's just the laws of supply and demand I guess, and as the demand is largely fuelled by media and blogosphere hype, as a blogger I have to acknowledge my own part in that!

So I won't be getting up early to queue for the Margiela H&M launch next week, but I thought it would be fun to feature this curious and quirky range of stationery and 'objets', also by Maison Martin Margiela and available from online stationery boutique Quill London.

'Claustrophobic' notebooks

Quill is a great new online destination for beautiful, stylish and interesting stationery, presenting the work of little known designers and craftspeople alongside brands that have accumulated cult status among stationery and fashion aficionados. With Christmas approaching I've already put together a long wish list from their lovely range of washi tapes, cards and gift wrapping ideas.

"Every product is selected for its premium quality. It might be a set of letterpress cards from a Brooklyn design studio, tissue paper pompoms handmade in East London or screen-printed Japanese furoshiki (wrapping cloths)," says owner Lucy.

The Maison Martin Margiela range defies rules and conventions so that a notebook is bound on both sides (rendering it inaccessible unless the user tears one side open), or half a pair of glasses becomes a magnifying glass.

Prices start from £11. No queuing required.


Ostrich plume pen - a humorous take on the old-fashioned quill