GIVEAWAY: 'A Girls Guide to Decorating' by Abigail Ahern


The nice folks at Quadrille publishing recently sent me a copy of Abigail Ahern's 'A Girl's Guide to Decorating' which is released in paperback this month. It's a hip, practical decorating guide full of insider advice, cool and original ideas, great photography and clever tips for turning your space into a fabulously stylish pad.

As the title suggests it is unashamedly a decorating book for girls. Even if you've never picked up a drill before and don't know one end of a screwdriver from another, by following Abigail's clear, easy to follow instructions you'll be confidently tackling simple DIY projects in no time. There are 'how-tos' on projects including putting up shelving, installing a ceiling rose, sanding floors and customising your kitchen cupboards. All of them are designed to help you give your home a high impact makeover on a small budget.

It's also full of fabulously moody, stylish and eclectic rooms and there is lots of inspiration and advice on recreating similar styles, as well as on developing the confidence to create your own. I'm a big fan of Abigail's signature colour 'down-pipe' grey, and although I'm not quite brave enough to go the whole way and embrace 'the dark side' (as Abigail calls it) and paint an entire room in it, we have used it for some of woodwork details in our home. Regular readers will also know that grey and mustard (as shown above) is probably my all time favourite colour combination.

Here are a few of Abigail's tips to whet your appetite:

  • Fill your pad with stuff that makes you happy. When all the diverse elements of your past and present are brought together they tell a story: about you, the lifestyle you lead and the space you call home.
  • Soft furnishings are the five-minute facelifts of the decorating world, instantly perking up your home with an array of different textures.
  • Reflective surfaces, from the glossiest of painted floors to mirrored tables cause natural or artificial light to dance around the space, making it feel lively and interesting
  • Ditch convention. Abigail is a big advocate of juxtaposition. Put familiar items in unfamiliar settings. Be unpredictable.

A Girl's Guide to Decorating by Abigail Aherne is published by Quadrille at and is available here.


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