5 reasons to love copper

After I wrote about rethinking brass recently, today I'm continuing my love affair with all things shiny with '5 reasons to love copper'.

  1. Copper is 100% recyclable whether in a raw state or contained in a manufactured product. It is estimated that 80% of all the copper ever mined is still in use today.
  2. It is widely used in jewellery and is widely believed to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.
  3. It's high heat conductivity means that it is very energy efficient so cooking with cooker pans can reduce your heating costs over the long term.
  4. It adds a luxurious feel to furniture, design objects and decorative items for the home.
  5. Designers including Jaime Hayon, Tom Dixon and Ilse Crawford have all created beautiful contemporary products in copper.

Want to add a touch of copper to your home? Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Copper pendant light by Tom Dixon £340 (Heals), Antler coat rack £25 (Dutch by Design), Copper pans from £60 (John Lewis).

Images (from top):1. Elle interiör / Patrick Johansson, 2. Tartelette 3. Original source unknown, 4. Coco Flip, 5. Bisazza Bagno by Hayon Studio, 6. Original source unknown 7. Mia Linman, Solid Frog, 8. Simon Watson, 9. Potato masher by Harry Trimble.