Working with colour

Ptolemy Mann knows about colour. One of the highlights of Interiors UK for me was attending the talk she gave about her work as a textile designer and colour consultant. This includes architectural commissions and advising the NHS on the effect of colour on well-being and its use within hospitals. As someone who is often afraid of using colour I came away feeling very enthused by her passion and understanding of the subject, which is very evident in the bold Ikat colour combinations in her hand woven textiles.

Here's some of the advice she had to offer:

  • Don't be afraid of colour.
  • Think about whether you want to work with primary or secondary colours.
  • Once you have decided on a particular colour think about the tonal range - not all reds are the same.
  • Colours can have functions. Think about what the colour you are using conveys.
  • Consider whether the room you are designing for is north or south facing as this will affect the light and make colours look different (north facing light is cold - south facing light is warm).

Image: Ptolemy Mann Limited Edition cushions for John Lewis.