I've started collecting these Aldo Londi 'Rimini' vases. These are vintage pieces by Bitossi dating from the 1960s which I picked a couple up at my local antiques centre a few weeks ago, but similar Aldo Londi designs are available from Heals.

A few simple sprigs of Spring blossom is honestly one of the best floral treats there is in my book. It's so fleeting that it's arrival is a moment I always want to hang onto.

Here are a few links I enjoyed this week:

- Remember this from a couple of weeks ago? Cupcake ATMS are now coming to London.

- The 20 coolest bookstores in the world.

- Re-imagined Great Depression-era images with lesbian-led families.

- Real women doing Fashion magazine poses.

Have a great weekend.


Image: Design Hunter