Tom Dixon at MOST

Tom Dixon presented his new 'Eclectic' range at MOST (the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan) last week, where we were also showing our latest Obsessionistas project, MAKE // SHIFT, a trends based installation with WGSN-hombuildlife.

The museum's refectory hall, decorated with 17th-century frescoes by Pietro Gilardi, provided a stunning location for a pop-up restaurant. The chairs and 'Stamp' lamps are by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon's 'Stamp' lamp and candle holder

'Stamp' ships straight from the factory to your front door and arrives as a flat metal sheet to be folded into innumerable shape configurations, making you the final part of the design process. 400 of them were given away at MOST and Graham deftly managed to nab one.

Digital Forming

Hacking, open source design and the democratisation of design through technologies such as 3D printing (one of the 6 curated collections we presented in our MAKE // SHIFT installation) were all key themes this year in Milan, heralding what many leading figures in the design industry are calling a new industrial revolution.

Images: Design Hunter