A Fairytale French Chateau

A 50s style gold leather sofa and chairs? Yes please.

I saw this place in World of Interiors a few months back and was blown away by it. I was reminded of it when the Telegraph featured it the other week. There is such a riot of different stuff going on here. It's colourful, eclectic and just ever so slightly surreal. I think it's pretty amazing. I mean how many interiors can boast a pair of unicorn heads in the entrance hall?

Sometimes here on Design Hunter I try to stick to interiors with a simple, pared back aesthetic that I think reflects my own personal taste, and then every once in a while something like this comes along and blows that idea right out of the water.

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie is available for rental on a self catering or catered basis.

Images: Paul Raeside via The Telegraph