I have a confession to make. I am really nervous about wearing print. I often find myself envying people who seem to pull it off with ease. When it comes to choosing what to wear, print to me seems to be imbued with all sorts of potential hazards and pitfalls. If I contemplate a print skirt or blouse I start to hear all sorts of fashion faux pas klaxons going off in my head. Rather than trying to negotiate my way around them I often just steer clear of print altogether, opting for something simpler and safer. Which is probably why I love scarves.

As miniature pieces of wearable art, they instantly add colour and pattern to virtually any outfit. They are an excuse to cut loose and wear a bold, striking pattern, colour or fashion trend that perhaps you wouldn't feel comfortable wearing as any other type of garment. Well, that's how I feel anyway.

Graz Darken is an Australian-born, London-based graphic designer and artist who founded the Slices London scarves brand in 2011. Remixing antique microscopic slices from the worlds of biology, science and nature she creates beautiful scarves with an edge. The designs reveal patterns which are gorgeous and intriguing in the abstract, but whose origins are to be found in the essence of our bodies and the natural world - in samples from the human, plant, insect and mineral world. I think they are awe-inspiringly beautiful and would love to invest in one (they are available exclusively from Harvey Nichols).

Science and nature are themes that are inspiring a lot of designers right now with trend forecasters pointing towards bio-luminescence, bio-pscyhedelia and the scientific beauty of nature as the source of colours and ideas for a new visual landscape. (Take a look at my pinterest board.)

Head over to the Slices website and enjoy their gorgeous lookbook.