Tipping point Syria

If you follow me on Twitter you may by now have already heard me expressing my jubilee fatigue. Like many people I'm looking forward to the national celebrations and to spending a long weekend catching up with friends and family... but does the blogging world really need one more post about bunting, jubilee outfits or red, white and blue cup cakes? Surely not.

Today's blog post is dedicated to Syria.

Every now and then an event touches our collective consciousness. Last Friday 108 people were massacred in the Syrian town of Houla. Many of them were women and children. They weren't killed by random shelling. They were systematically murdered - young, weak, innocent and defenceless victims executed with a bullet to the head or a knife to the throat

This is a design and lifestyle blog, not a blog about politics or international affairs, but sometimes world events make me feel uncomfortable about writing on the trivial vagaries of style. So today I wanted to just take a moment to use this blog to touch upon something of more substance, and communicate my support for the people of Syria instead.

It may seem like a small and insignificant thing to do, but often the tide of global opinion is shifted by degree, through tiny increments which add up until eventually a tipping point is reached. The people of Syria feel that the world has failed them, that their struggle has been ignored. Let's try to make today the day that tipping point is finally reached.

Today, Friday 1st June, is our day to make our collective voice heard.

All day today bloggers from many different parts of the world will be writing posts, tweeting, retweeting and sharing their thoughts on Houla.

If you would like to add your voice please write a post and use the hashtags #tippingpoint #Syria #Stopthekilling to promote it. Please also consider adding your signature to the Avaz campaign.

(Thanks to Kate of Kate Takes 5 whose blog post inspired me to share my own feelings on this subject.)