How to sell your home the Fantastic Frank way

Fantastic Frank has been receiving the attention of some of my favourite design bloggers this week. If you haven't yet discovered it, it's a Swedish property website aiming to spearhead a quiet revolution in the way we market and sell our homes.

The company's strong focus on design and photography is what sets it apart. Great styling and photography on a par with that which you might expect to find in the pages of an international design magazine give modern and characterful expression to the homes they represent, and have made Fantastic Frank one of Stockholm's best known estate agencies.

A team of stylists works to bring out the character of each home, carefully presenting it to its best advantage by focusing on details and drawing out beauty from each and every angle. The photography mixes art and marketing, creating a sense of uniqueness and individuality and subtly evoking emotions such as love, warmth and comfort. The aim is to reach the few people who will really fall in love with the property, rather than the many who will just like it.

It's refreshing to see someone shaking up the rather uninspiring world of estate agent photography. Like all things, it comes at a price, but it's not difficult to recognise the potential for recouping the costs involved by achieving a higher selling price for your property.

Anyone know of similar sites in other countries? I haven't come across one, but would love to see this idea launching here in the UK.