Tiphaine London

Royal College of Art graduate Tiphaine is a British textile designer who divides here time between London and Cape Town.


Her unique multi-layered and textured fabrics are created using a combination of traditional techniques such as screen printing, hand drawing and painting and digital technologies. I asked Tiphaine to tell me a little about some of the inspirations and processes behind the collection.

"I am inspired by textures in nature, such as animal markings and interesting surface textures on rocks and plants," she says. "I also like to look at landscapes and the way that the man-made frames and interacts with nature. From my initial research, which will comprise of my own photographs as well as images taken from books and magazines, I then work very quickly to produce small initial designs using techniques such as collage to complement my painting and drawing. Much of the time, I like to use these images literally by scanning them into the computer and doing the minimum of tweaks to create a full design, so that the energy of the initial work remains. The designs are then digitally printed onto fine silks."

You can view more and contact Tiphaine to enquire about the collection at www.tiphainelondon.com

Photographer: Emma Norén / Make up & Hair: Jasmin Browne / Model: Charlie Brogan @ Nevs