Channel your inner prairie woman in these aprons and collars from Yokoo Gibraan's rustic clothing label Mother.

Inspired by the designer's love of James Stewart westerns and dreams of living off grid and 'growing her own', Mother celebrates an overtly traditional ideal of womanhood in a way that is playful, modern and subtly flirtatious. But, says Yokoo the aprons weren't intentionally designed to be worn in the kitchen. "The idea came from when I used to wear my apron between classes. Sort of a way of flaunting that I was an artist. But slowly it became part of my wardrobe. It's an accessory."

The multi-talented Yokoo styles and photographs the collection herself, and even models some of them too.

The cotton smock aprons come in florals and stripes and are impeccably tailored. Or you can pick up a sweet little denim half apron or a pretty broderie anglais collar. Aren't they charming?

The Mother collection is available via Etsy (& check out Yokoo's knitwear label too).