Plot to Plate

As a self-confessed notebook geek I love these hand-stitched notebooks from Kate Farley's 'Plot to Plate' range - a collection of textile and paper products developed from a series of large scale drawings and prints based on kitchen gardens and allotments.

Kate developed the imagery by exploring planting patterns to build motifs, compositions and rhythms that occur in vegetable plots. She makes each entire book herself, from screen printing the cover to folding the pages and binding them, using high quality British paper that is suitable for drawing as well as note-taking.

"It is very satisfying to turn sheets into books, and it is important to me with these notebooks that I create quality rather than quantity, to make something people take pleasure in using" she says.

Designs are developed from her sketchbook to more formalised works on paper, into lino prints usually printed in small editions, and then to designs completed on the computer.

The Plot to Plate collection also includes teatowels, napkins and bags and Kate's work has been selected by Charlotte Abrahams for 'Spotted' at Top Drawer this September. The notebooks are priced at £8 and are available online at