8 Inspirational Shipping Container Homes

The humble shipping container continues to inspire those seeking a quick and affordable way to create simple modern dwellings. Modular, prefabricated and often described as 'sustainable' (well OK, maybe if you are recycling a container that would otherwise be at the end of its useful life), it is a particularly popular build solution for studios, temporary housing and summer homes. Here are 8 of the best.

1. (above) Art studio in the woods in Amangsett, New York by MB Architecture (via Dezeen).

2. The Cordell House in Texas by developers Katie Nichols and John Walker in partnership with architect, Christopher Robertson. More>>

3. Accommodation unit by Container City at Cove Park, an artist retreat centre on the west coast of Scotland. Sliding glass doors lead out onto a decked balcony that extends over a lake with beautiful views of Loch Long.

4. Lakeside holiday retreat in Sri Lanka designed by Damith Premathilake. (Image: Logan Photography). More>>

5. Container House in Spain by James Mau Arquitectura and Infiniski.

6. Numen container home Texas. (Image: Jill Hunter)

7. Summer residence in Sardinia. More>>

8. The garden retreat and guesthouse of Stacey Hill who lives in a San Antonio artists' community. Designed by architect Jim Poteet. More>>

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