Trendwatch: Faceted Design

While humble, heritage inspired design that looks to the reassuring familiarity of the past has enjoyed something of a renaissance over the past couple of years, this is increasingly being counterbalanced by designs that offer a more futuristic outlook.

This faceted P.A. dining chair by Copenhagen and New York based, Soren Rose Studio (above) popped into my inbox yesterday. One of the latest additions to their Park Avenue collection manufactured by De La Espada, it's due to be launched at The Tramshed in London next month.

I've noticed a lot of faceted designs around recently. In contrast to the celebration of the craftsman and the handmade touch that is the hallmark of 'heritage-inspired' design (like the numerous 'modern windsor' chairs that have been launched over the past year or so), these geometric forms hint at a renewed appreciation of science and engineering. As well as referencing the design possibilities created by new digital technologies, they also draw inspiration from the rhythms and patterns found in nature, such as crystal formations and molecular structures.

'One Light Only' by Lee Broom


Sofa by Lazerian.

Neon yellow resin ring by Isharaya.

2D 'faceted' design via Pinterest.

Flexible tactile wood by Elisa Strozyk.

Minimal and architectural, this is a technological beauty that occupies the intersection between science and art, introducing a modern, clean cut edge whilst continuing to cater to our desire for a return to purity and simplicity.