House by John Lewis

I've written previously about my frustration with the design quality of the homeware and furniture offerings of the typical UK high street and out town retail stores.

Online retailers aside, it can often seem really difficult to find simple, good quality, affordable well designed items, especially if you live outside of London.

John Lewis are attempting to address this segment of the homeware market with their new HOUSE range which launches this week. Created to offer contemporary, well-made and affordable products for the home, HOUSE features everyday items with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

Tony floor lamp and Ken dining chair

The 600 piece range includes furniture, lighting, textiles, and cooking and dining accessories designed to complement the contemporary urban home. Products have been created with long-lasting design in mind – rather than following fashion and changing for change’s sake, and John Lewis plan to add new pieces to the range over time, allowing customers to build a look gradually.

The look and feel is contemporary, with an evolving colour palette, anchored with combinations of neutrals which will remain the foundation. Core materials include wood finishes, glass, metal, and white ceramic that come together to create a relaxed, informal look.

Cutlery set and Eigen coat stand

So what's the Design Hunter verdict?

Well, the range is pretty reasonably priced and there are definitely a few pieces that I'd seek out. My own approach to home design is fairly eclectic and it's rare that I find a collection that I'd want to buy in its entirety, but the beauty of the products in the HOME range is that their simplicity means they will mix and match well with other items - they'll sit perfectly alongside your treasured vintage items, for example, or more expensive investment pieces.

To be honest it doesn't feel like a very radical departure from some of the existing John Lewis ranges to me, but then I guess that's precisely what many of us love about John Lewis. It doesn't try to be cutting edge. It knows its customer base and consistently offers the type of good quality affordable homewares that people actually want. If you need some new cushions or a set of saucepans chances are John Lewis is one of the first places you'll check out... and it doesn't usually disappoint.