Handmade furniture from Stockholm by Snickeriet

Stockholm based company Snickeriet have produced a collection of artistic handmade furniture consisting of four objects: the VERK desk, FÄ leather pendant light, HAVEK cabinet and FRANK transparent cupboard.

The HAVET cabinet combines traditional craftsmanship with an unusual hand chiseled surface effect, its distinctive wave pattern resembling a stormy ocean.

The cabinet demands space far beyond its actual size, says designer Karl-Johan Hjerling, the company's creative director. "The carved treatment that covers the entire cabinet surface resembles water ripples as we wanted to capture the expression of a black ocean at night: suggestive, absorbing and encompassing. The cabinet draws my mind towards expressionistic oil paintings rather than furniture."

FRANK is a transparent cupboard that takes it's name from the designer's aim to be completely frank about its construction processes - from the joining of materials to the movement of the bolt.

"The transparent exterior allows you to see in to the cupboard, but for us its more about you being able to see the inside of the material itself. By treating the plexi glass as if it was wood, the actual carpentry becomes visible, and you can clearly see its impact on the material." says Karolina Stenfelt (cabinet maker and founder at Snickeriet)

In the FÄ leather pendant lamp flat leather is pressed into a three-dimensional shape to create a self-supporting structure. The process of pressing and reshaping brings out the history, natural imperfections and organic character of the leather. Multiple layers of lacquer are then applied to encapsulate and preserve its characteristics. The suede inside the lamp is, in contrast, left soft and unvarnished.

VERK is a desk based on a drawer. The designers were inspired by the idea that building the perfect drawer is a measure of a carpenter's skills. In VERK the drawer is put into focus, with exaggerated proportions and the housing as the actual working surface.