10 top finds for style conscious Spring cleaning

There may still be a few weeks to go before the bulbs start poking their heads up to herald the onset of the new season, but my thoughts are already turning to Spring cleaning. Here are some style conscious buys that are putting me in the mood for getting everything spick and span.

All I need now is my favourite playlist and a new apron - Bodie & Fou's look nice.

1. (Above) Hand knitted linen dishcloth.

A magpie and a dove (via Etsy) - £7.35

2. Aluminium dustpan and brush.

Labour and Wait - £20

3. Vintage 1930s wooden ironing board. So pretty it could even double up as a table to display your favourite objects upon.

86 for the Home via Etsy - £94.57

4. Beech wood handle brush with natural fibre bristles by Redecker - for all your little pots and pans.

John Lewis - £5

5. Handmade olive oil soap and loofa sponge for natural cleaning.

Maalikaa (via Etsy) - £6.69

6. Juniper Ridge Trail Crew liquid soap, handmade using wild plant trimmings and tree boughs.

Toast - £25

7. Ostrich feather duster with lacquered wooden handle.

Labour and Wait - £12


8. Linen scrims - perfect for cleaning windows or polishing glassware as they leave a grease and lint free surface.

John Lewis - £9

9. Tin bucket with cream enamel finish - simple and sturdy.

John Lewis - £9

10. Banish crumbs with this Swedish handcrafted beech table dustpan and horsehair brush.

Cachette - €32,00 

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