Two white chairs

There’s something rather reassuring and endearing about the familiarity of these chairs, based upon hundreds if not thousands of comfortable sittings throughout our lives. 

Starting out at school, passing the time in endless doctor’s surgeries and hospital waiting rooms, filling countless stadiums as well as popping up here, there and everywhere within the public realm, the Polyside chair has firmly established itself as a true design classic. Indeed so ubiquitous are they, with over 50 million units having being produced since Robin Day first conceived their design over 50 years ago, that we rarely acknowledge what a successful solution to mass produced seating they represent.

Much thought and refinement has gone into producing this ‘simple’ polypropylene and steel tube design, so that we the sitters will often not even notice it – to some a sign of a successful design solution. For me though, there is an elegance about them that transcends the simple act of sitting.... I’m just as happy to look at them in admiration!

These two white beauties were commandeered straight from Hille’s production line, and kindly given to me as a gift by my colleague Richard Snell. Richard, in partnership with David Rowe, has worked with Hille for many years. Their latest design is the SE Ergonomic chair, which aims to improve the posture of future generations of sitters.

Meanwhile, these extra special limited-edition purist white Polysides are already providing comfortable seating solutions in all manner of domestic situations, and I'm looking forward to installing them in my new design studio.

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Graham Powell is a conceptual and commercial designer, educator and challenger of 'Things'.

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