Sunday Edition

Are you someone who can't wait to start decorating your home for Christmas? I like to use fresh flowers and foliage, so usually wait until there's just a week or so to go before I start decorating so that things last. But with most of my gift shopping now taken care of, this weekend seems like a good time to start gathering winter foliage for one of my favourite annual rituals - making a wreath for the front door.

Here are this week's links for a lazy Sunday. 

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- Beautiful bidegradable tableware modelled after fruits and vegetables.

- invited me to be a guest pinner.

- 5 tips for a slow craft Christmas.

- Simple but beautiful festive styling from Weekday Carnival.

- I loved reading about the new office of Cassandra from Coco and Kelly in the new issue of Rue magazine.

- After the final episode of Borgen I'm looking forward to The Bridge Season Two for my next fix of Danish noir, but am missing Sarah Lund's jumpers on my screen this winter. I have my eye on this one.

- 15 free printable Christmas gift tags.


Image: Hand made oleaster leaf bauble - Ebury Home & Garden