Home from Home

Brooklyn apartment.jpg

Barcelona-based graphic designers Agusti Juste and Eva Calduch have just launched Behomm, a new home exchange community geared at designers and visual artists.

The concept of home swapping is not a new phenomenon but what’s unique about Behomm is that it’s the first home exchange platform that focuses purely on properties belonging to a diverse range of creative professionals including art directors, fashion stylists and architects.

The community features stunning homes of all shapes and sizes from city-centre apartments to sprawling country farmhouses united by the common theme that they all belong to owners with a strong design aesthetic. The site has homeowners located all over the world from London to Morocco, Brazil to Australia giving you plenty of excuses to take holidays near or far.

Behomm is by invitation only and the site has a search tool for finding friends among the existing members who you can contact to request an invitation to join. Membership allows you to list your home and browse the pages of properties to find someone’s house you would like to swap with. And trust me, there are beautiful homes aplenty. Here's a small taster.

Brooklyn apartment 3.jpg
Brooklyn apartment 2.jpg
Brooklyn apartment night view.jpg

Above: Talk about a room with a view! This loft apartment in Brooklyn, owned by a creative director, oozes industrial chic.

cambridge home 2.jpg
cambridge home 1.jpg
cambridge home 3.jpg

Above: Light streams through the vast windows and skylights of this unique modern house in Cambridge that was designed by its architect owner.

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Berlin home exchange 1.jpg
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Above: I love the combination of the neutral colour palette and the wooden floors in this Berlin apartment owned by a design-publishing editor.

Images courtesy of Behomm